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LATEST: A nanny who looked after former SPICE GIRL GERI HALLIWELL's baby BLUEBELL has been arrested by police investigating an assault on the child. The flame-haired singer, who gave birth to Bluebell in May (06), phoned police to report her tot was "bruised and bawling" after being babysat by a golf course employee in August (06). Halliwell had gone for a walk at the Hampshire, England, club, entrusting Bluebell to a temporary member of staff there. She came back to find Bluebell distressed with bruises on her arm, and she decided to call the police after the nanny refused to explain the marks. The Metropolitan Police passed details of the alleged assault to their Child Abuse Investigation Unit, who held a woman in connection with the alleged incident on Wednesday (04OCT06). A police statement yesterday (06OCT06) confirms, "A 30-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of actual bodily harm in connection with an assault on a child. She was taken to a central London police station and bailed for return this month." A source close to Halliwell said, "It is a huge relief to Geri that the nanny faces the British justice system."

Eva Simpson & Caroline Hedley

NEW mum Geri Halliwell could still be suffering from "baby brain", if her bizarre banter at a breast cancer charity is anything to go by...

Asked what she thought about Kylie Minogue's battle with the disease, Geri, 34, said: "Cancer is a very ugly and horrible word, and Kylie means something beautiful.

Kylie and her cancer story is like Beauty And The Beast."
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