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Geri Halliwell claims her child was abused

Geri Halliwell claims her child was abused

The former Ginger Spice tells police of an ‘incident’ involving her daughter

LONDON - Geri Halliwell has complained to police that her 3-month-old daughter was physically abused, the singer's assistant said.

The singer's complaint was about "an incident concerning her daughter Bluebell whilst in the care of a temporary member of staff," Antony Read said Saturday. Halliwell made the complaint at a London police station Aug. 18, Read said.

"Bluebell is now happy and well, and there are no further concerns for her welfare," he added in a statement.

London's Metropolitan Police confirmed the force was investigating an allegation of physical abuse involving a 3-month-old. No one has been arrested.

Halliwell — Ginger Spice of '90s "girl power" group the Spice Girls — gave birth to Bluebell Madonna, her first child, in May.

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