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You know you're an obsessive Geri Halliwell/Spice Girls fan if...

Keep in mind that if you are not a hardcore fan, you will not understand some of these!

Written by ME (and they ALL apply to me lol). There are over 60 things listed on this list... in order to be considered an obsessive fan (this is just my scale lol), at least 30 must apply to you!!! Enjoy...

  • You prefer the Union Jack over the American flag
  • You have at least 2 Geri/Spice-related stickers on your car.
  • You cried for over 24 hours straight when you found out that Geri left the group
  • You bought If Only the day it came out
  • You attended their concert and bought at least 3 souvenirs
  • You own a pair of leopard pants
  • While vacationing in London, you chose searching for Geri/Spice merchandise rather than site-seeing
  • You know the entire choreographed dance to "Spice Up Your Life"
  • You can recite the tracks to every CD (solo albums included) in order, as well as every single word
  • You have named at least one pet after one of the five girls
  • You have said "Goodnight" to a Spice Girls poster at least ONCE
  • You have had at least one dream where you met at least one of the girls
  • You own more than one copy of Schizophonic
  • You have been referred to as "Geri" at least once
  • Your license plate says something about Geri/Spice Girls
  • You own all 5 Spice Girls home videos and Geri's yoga video
  • Whenever you see Prince Charles, you're immediately reminded of when Geri pinched his bum
  • You know that Victoria's lines in the "2 Become 1" single version are totally different from the album version, and you've always wondered why
  • You always watch David Beckham when he's on TV, even though you can't stand soccer
  • You know all the words to Geri's spanish rap in "If U Can't Dance"
  • One of your goals in life is to find out what "zig-a-zig-ah" truly means (only the girls know!!!)
  • You have styled your hair like at least one of the girls OTHER THAN EMMA at some point
  • You made sure that your glasses looked like Melanie B.'s
  • You know that in "Seremos Uno Los Dos", it's actually Geri Victoria's lines
  • You own every one of their CD singles, and you can recite the order in which they were released
  • When "Stop" didn't reach number 1, you cried or almost cried
  • You cried tears of happiness at some point during their concert
  • You made brought a sign to the concert to hold up for the girls to see
  • When you hear kung fu mentioned at any time whatsoever, you think of Kung Fu Candy
  • You bought the Aida soundtrack just to hear "My Strongest Suit"
  • When you heard that Geri was referred to as "the new Shirley Bassey", you immediately started listening to Shirley Bassey and got really into her
  • You are incredibly jealous of anyone who shares a birthday with one of the girls, and it pisses you off that people never seem to appreciate this great honor
  • You can translate all or almost all British slang words (like snog, trainers, knickers, randy, the tube, telly, loo, bloak, etc.)
  • You have all of their birthdays marked on your calendar
  • Geri Halliwell's face appears over 300 times within your bedroom alone
  • Your ringtone on your cell phone is a Geri/Spice Girls/solo project song
  • You cried or almost cried when you heard "Let Love Lead The Way" for the first time because it reminded you of Geri leaving
  • You have recordings of all three of Geri's TRL appearances
  • You constantly draw Geri's "g" logo when you're bored
  • You voted for "Look At Me" at least five times a day when it was on TRL
  • Your screen name involves Geri/Spice Girls
  • You know what brand of toothpaste Geri uses
  • You have sent at least one letter to the fan club
  • You visit the den-den forums at least three times a week
  • You own at least one authentic autograph
  • You have attempted to mimick one of the girls' signatures (just for fun hehe) at least once
  • When you're in a predicament, you think: "What would Geri do?"
  • You think that Jimmy Gulzar is a selfish asshole
  • You bought a Playstation just so you could play "Spice Up Your Playstation"
  • You have worn out at least one Geri/Spice Girls CD to the extent where it can barely play at all
  • You own at least five Spice Girls dolls
  • You love all British people just because they remind you of Geri/Spice Girls
  • You have found at least two errors in the lyrics printed in the pamphlet of the Spiceworld CD
  • You know what Phoenix Chi means
  • You think of rice as "baby food" because that's what Emma calls it
  • You know Geri's bra size
  • You have a pet named Brooklyn, Romeo, or Phoenix
  • You wish your name were Geri, Melanie, Victoria, or Emma
  • You own a little black dress and you bought it because it looked like something that Victoria would wear
  • You know what LFC stands for even though you couldn't care less about soccer
  • You have so many Spice Girls posters that they can't all fit in one room
  • You have spent hours contemplating the significance of absolutely everything that occurs in the "Too Much" music video
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